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How the two sites came to be merged.

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A series of web pages compiled and published by
John Snelson from 1995

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This site started as a project to identify the boys shown on the 1956 Lower School panoramic photograph that was available on John Snelson's web-site. Screen 1 was displayed until you clicked the mouse button and then it was replaced with screen 2. The colour coded numbers appeared as a key to the list of names.

By popular request the 1956 Upper Schol panorama was added and the a more sofisticated mapping technique was used. This meant boys could be identified by placing the cursor on their face. In addition, the 1955 Green Book was made available to jog memories regarding class mates. A link to John's site was also added along with a few additional photos and files.

Of the 778 boys on the photo, we managed to name 263. V2 V3