School Plays

  • Play List
  • Twelfth Night
  • Julius Caesar
  • The Rivals
  • Saint Joan
  • Two Masters
  • Andocles
  • Harvey
  • Luther
Year Play Remarks Magazine
1920    Tom Cobb
1922    The Merchant of Venice
1924    Julius Caesar
1925    Tilly of Bloomsbury
1926    An Enemy of the People
1927    Strife
1928    Arms and the Man
1929    The Great Adventure
1930    Twelfth Night
1931    Androcles and the Lion
1932    She Stoops to Conquer
1933    Yellow Sands
1934    What The Public Wants
1935    The Return of the Prodigal
1936    The Fourth Wall
1937    A Midsummer Night's Dream
1939    Arms and the Man
1940    The Rivals Produced by Mr. G. W. Cretney
1944    The Old Bull Produced by Miss Morris
1944    The Thread of Scarlet Produced by Mr. Smith
1946    Tantivy Towers
1948    The Rivals Produced by Mr. G. W. Cretney
1950    Twelth Night Produced by Mr. Webster
1952    Henry V Produced by Mr. Webster
1954    She Stoops to Conquer
1956    Julius Caesar Produced by Mr. J. Webster
1958    The Rivals Produced by Alan Durband
1960    Saint Joan Produced by Alan Durband
1962    The Servant of Two Masters 1962 page 46
1964    Androcles and the Lion
1966    The Yeomen of the Guard
1967    Billy Budd
1968    Androcles and the Lion
1969    Luther Produced by Mr. T. Cummings
1970    Baron Bolligrew
1972    The Life of Galileo Produced by Mr. T. Cummings
   "We had a couple of girls from Blackburne
House play the female roles - quite an
innovation for the time!" Jim Gristenthwaite

1972 page 11

Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare

The 1950 School Play produced by Mr. J. Webster

Click here for an enlarged view of the programme provided by Ken Holding.


Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare

The 1956 School Play produced by Mr. J. Webster

Artwork believed to be by Stan Reed. Click here for an enlarged view of the programme.


The Rivals

The 1948 School Play produced by Mr. G.W. Cretney.

Click here for an enlarged view of the programme provided by Ken Holding.

The 1958 School Play produced by Alan Durband

Click here for an enlarged view of the programme.

The following photos were provided by Tony Zalin.

Tony writes:

Mike Ross as Bob Acres is at the writing desk with Roy Pybus as Sir Lucius O'Trigger, standing by him. Lachlan Macrae (Saint Joan in the 1960 play) is on the left. I'm at the back with a fan.

Full cast photo


Saint Joan by Bernard Shaw

The 1960 School Play produced by Alan Durband

Click here for an enlarged view of the programme.
A second example of the Saint Joan programme was offered for sale on eBay and has additional pages to the one shown above.

Ken Ashcroft writes:

The original 'Saint Joan' programme from which the above images were scanned is owned by Peter Nash in London and were provided to me by Mark Naboshek who lives in Texas. Mark is a one of the world's greatest collectors of Beatles memorabilia.

One image is of a programme signed by the whole cast, plus Dusty, and by Danny Booth.

Clearly visible are the names of Tony Zalin, Iain Taylor, Steve J. Norris, Peter Sissons and a certain J. P. McCartney.

Photo from Andrew Wallard

Iain Taylor writes:

I am the assessor in the trendy gray sackcloth of the St Joan photo. Macca is facing front in the group of three.


The Servant of Two Masters



Androcles and the Lion

Photos provided by William Leece


Stuart Clark (1964 - 1970) writes:

I was a swineherd (or similar) and my costume was a rough peasant toga, smeared with evocative stains to suggest my occupation.

Ian Pearson (1964 - 1970) writes:

It definitely was 1968 I've a copy of Elan for that year with the writeup in it.

Picture top left from left to right servants in the backgroud but can't tell which is which, then Captain Francis Masserick, next Lentulus Peter Rimmer and Myself Metellus.

Top Right Picture Can't tell the four on the left think the middle three are the soldiers. Dave Mckitterick is in the dark toga climbing the stairs with Pete and myself behind him.

Middle left is a bit too dark to be certain but I think Megaera eric Griffiths is third from left and Androcles Steve Kenny fourth from left

Pete Rimmer is fourth from right Dave Mckitterick third from right and myself second from right.

Middle right picture is Pete on right and Me on left.

Bottom picture is Captain sitting Francis Massey Centurion Raymond Hodges on his right and then Megaera Eric Griffiths on his right but can't remember who is on far right.



Images provided by David Cooke - the "star" of HARVEY.

Click here for an enlarged view of the programme.



The production is mentioned in the 1969 school magazine - ELAN - page 10.
The Head Boy, M.J. Ainsworth, played Luther.

Photo provided by William Leece taken by Jonny Kirwan

Left to right: Les Abbie - Eric Griffiths - ? - Reg Williams - ? - William Leece - ?

Photo provided by Stuart Clarke

Memories from Stuart and William:

Stuart: Me in the middle, Les Abbie on the right with the candle, Tim someone on his right and Luther kneeling before me.

William: I had a non speaking part but with one of the most elaborate costumes. Eric Griffiths was in it too - is that him rear left? I heard that the costumes were borrowed from the Bolton Octagon and after the show they were stored in the big wooden hut in the lower yard that the OTC had used. Unfortunately, there was an arson attack and everything was smoke damaged or even destroyed completely - the people at Bolton were not amused. Happened in broad daylight, too, during a school day. The perpetrator was some lad lower down the school - don't know what happened to him. After the last night, we all trooped off to Ye Crack in costume, where the regulars and bar staff didn't bat a single eyelid!

Stuart: Ha, I remember the trip to Ye Cracke - if memory serves, I and the other monks trooped in and ordered a round of Benedictine liquers. I think Eric Griffiths is next to me but he may be the other candle bearer. After the final performance the costumes should have been returned immediately but for some reason Jeremy Eyre couldn't be bothered. As they hadn't gone back on time, the insurance was invalid.